AACF Provides:

  1. Focused mission – of building relationships between donors and charitable needs.
  2. Experienced professionals – to help you accomplish your charitable intentions.
  3. Qualified staff – to handle all your administrative needs (i.e. investment, audits, grant making).
  4. Governance structure – trustees dedicated to you and the needs of the community.
  5. Professional management – to provide you with fund oversight by knowledgeable trustees.
  6. Established relationships – to help you accomplish your charitable wishes.
  7. Variety of services – to personalize your desires as a fund holder.
  8. Tax advantages – to give you all the benefits fully allowed by law.
  9. Lower fees – to keep your costs minimal through management efficiencies.
  10. Service mission – you choose the name, purpose, risk, and eventual direction of your fund.

AACF Advantages:

  1. Our professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to establish and administer donor funds to accomplish your charitable intentions. We have a variety of services and tools to fulfill your wishes so you don’t have to worry about how to accomplish your goals.
  2. The Foundation handles all of the administrative responsibilities including investment, due diligence and grant making. We save you from all the paperwork.
  3. Our professionals enjoy a close relationship with the non-profits in our area and can provide trusted advice on how to achieve your charitable goals.
  4. We focus on matching your long-term charitable intentions with the non-profits that serve your causes. You have a peace of mind knowing we are not distracted by other business interests.
  5. The Foundation is governed by a diverse board of directors dedicated to directing the Foundation in the best interests of our donors and community. You don’t have to worry whether someone is watching over the management of your funds.
  6. Donors can choose to be as involved as they wish in the use of their funds. You don’t have to worry about the level of involvement with your funds.
  7. We understand the tax advantages of gifts under federal law so you don’t have to.
  8. Your funds are professionally managed and overseen by our Investment Committee. You don’t have to worry about whether your money is well managed.
  9. Because of the size of the Foundation we have the economies of scale to be more efficient than setting up a private foundation. This means you don’t have to pay high fees to put your money to work.
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